Alchemist Experience

A community and an academy

The Alchemist Experience™ is first and foremost a journey of transmutation.

Well, the modern equivalent of it, anyway.  Transmutation, in alchemy, was the conversion of base metals into metals of greater value, especially into gold or silver.  As a Modern Day Alchemist, I work not with base metals but with people.  And so the journey is one of personal transmutation, really personal evolution - the process of formation or growth; development.


We all are striving to create something different in our lives:

  • for greater effectiveness in our work
  • for a stronger impact in our world
  • for relationships built on trust and understanding


We want to be confident in how we show up anywhere; not through the false confidence of bravado, nor the discomfort of imposter syndrome.

We want our knowledge to be equal to our challenges.

We want others to see us the same way we see ourselves.

We want to know we are making a difference, without suffering overwhelm in the process.

We want to live a rewarding, integrated life with rewarding experiences of work, play, love, and rest.


Sometimes we just struggle to figure out how.

"Coaching doesn't make sick people well. It helps healthy people become extraordinary."

- Thomas Leonard (founder of coaching)

Because we're better together

In the Industrial Revolution we learned to separate our work from every other aspect of our lives.  In the Knowledge Age we learned we needed to be the expert, to do things alone.

And we continue to reinforce these lessons on ourselves to the point that we can't see another way.


There is another way.  Together.

By supporting one another - teaching and learning from each other, sharing knowledge, and creating safe spaces in which to do so - we can evolve, together, to create fulfilling lives, to be authentically happy with who we are and who we are becoming.


Join the Community.

And so we have the Alchemist Experience™, a world-wide community and academy of being.

Join today; it's free

The Alchemist Experience™ houses multiple journeys:

  • Deep Dives to explore our understanding of ourselves and others
  • Events and Activities to keep us mentally focused
  • Groups of shared values and experiences focused on what we need in the moment


Your participation in any and all of these is highly valued.  Come see what we're about today.


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